Writing On Demand

The first rule of persuasive writing is usually to avoid a first-person narrative. But because this is a case where you need to know what I can do for you as a professional service provider, let's suspend that arbitrary rule. I am a quick and versatile writer of a wide range of material, mainly from a center-right perspective. I believe in free markets, personal liberty, and the rule of law -- the foundations of what educated people call "classical liberalism". For issues, movements, individuals, and groups sharing those values, I can be a useful resource for putting your ideas into words.

Any message at any length. From messages as short as a tweet or a radio spot or projects as long as a book, you can see my capabilities for yourself. My sweet spot is typically in the range of an op-ed (500 words) to a 20-minute speech, but those aren't hard limits on either end.

Versatility across subjects. A review of the show notes made in preparation for my more than 1,000 radio programs broadcast over the last decade and a half should give you some idea of the range of subjects on which I can write with fluency.

Broad literacy. Good writing is in part a product of extensive reading. You can browse my book reviews or see a more comprehensive list of books read over the years.

My work is quick (an op-ed generally can be turned around in a day or two; my most recent 10,000-word book took about three months at a very leisurely pace), and my pricing is reasonable (generally 25¢ per word, negotiable per project as necessary). Contact me at your convenience to discuss more.


Digital Marketing

Under the banner of Pan Am Digital, I deliver digital marketing products (primarily websites) on a quick-turnaround basis.